Turmeric Gold


Turmeric Gold tea is an organic golden blend of the finest Indian turmeric, lemon fruit & whole leaf green tea

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Gold­en turmer­ic – the queen of pro­tec­tive herbs whose nour­ish­ing yel­low sus­tains life’s majes­tic glow. This is a tea to cel­e­brate life – lemon fruit, aro­mat­ic car­damom and whole leaf green tea expert­ly blend­ed with one of nature’s most pow­er­ful herbs. The ele­gance will leave you feel­ing renewed as each cup lets you don turmeric’s shield.

A gold­en tea that will colour your life but not your teeth. Good news for bring­ing a gold­en glow to your day.


100% organ­i­cal­ly grown and eth­i­cal­ly sourced ingre­di­ents: Turmer­ic root (40%), Suoi Gang green tea (20%), licorice root, car­damom pod, lemon Vana tul­si leaf, lemon essen­tial oil flavour (6%), lemon whole (6%). 12% Fair­WildTM cer­ti­fied ingre­di­ents (licorice) by dried weight.


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