Three Mint


Three Mint tea, a verdant fusion of organic peppermint, spearmint & fieldmint

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Mighty mint, the refresh­ing hero of the palate. But just imag­ine three togeth­er – fine­ly-chopped spearmint, field­mint and pep­per­mint – the cool sud­den­ly becomes more vibrant. The sweet­ness more supreme. And the ‘you’ it leaves behind, as crisp and clean as the bright­est day.

All Puk­ka teas con­tain the high­est qual­i­ty organ­ic herbs. It’s one of the rea­sons our teas taste so incred­i­ble — for more about why this is impor­tant why not read the arti­cle here.

Good News for refresh­ing the palate.


Nat­u­ral­ly caf­feine-free and eth­i­cal­ly sourced, 100% organ­i­cal­ly grown ingre­di­ents: Pep­per­mint leaf (34%), spearmint leaf (34%) field­mint leaf (32%).


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