Motherkind Baby


Motherkind Baby, nature’s finest organic herbs to help breastfeeding new mums

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The finest organ­ic herbs, nature’s rich­est treasures.

The majes­tic Shatavari, fen­nel and turmer­ic to nour­ish and sup­port you and your baby.



Nat­u­ral­ly caf­feine-free and eth­i­cal­ly sourced, 100% organ­i­cal­ly grown ingre­di­ents: Fen­nel seed (sweet fen­nel seed, bit­ter fen­nel seed) (50%), shatavari root (20%), aniseed (12%), lemon­grass, turmer­ic root, lemon­grass essen­tial oil flavour. 35% fair trade ingre­di­ents cer­ti­fied by IMO accord­ing to the Fair for Life Pro­gramme (sweet fen­nel seed


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