Mint Matcha Green


Mint Matcha Green tea is an organic spearmint splash into green’s goodness organic green tea and finest matcha powder

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Product Description

Could this be your tick­et through today? First, the perki­est fair­ly-trad­ed Egypt­ian spearmint, as fresh as the wind whistling through your hair. Then, a surge of smooth Sen­cha green whole leaf, as invig­o­rat­ing as a morn­ing moun­tain walk. All this cool­ness lift­ed by incred­i­ble organ­ic pure green matcha pow­der. Cool, crisp, alive.

Pukka’s matcha is grown on an organ­ic farm on a beau­ti­ful vol­canic island off the coast of South Korea. The island is called Jeju Do, thus the Kore­an name for our matcha, Jejo do Garucha, which lit­er­al­ly trans­lates as ‘Jeju Island Pow­der Tea’.

Dis­cov­er more sto­ries about the incred­i­ble pow­ers of our super­hero green matcha here.

Good news for a refresh­ing leg-up into the cool of your day.


100% organ­i­cal­ly grown and eth­i­cal­ly sourced ingre­di­ents: Sen­cha green tea (60%), spearmint leaf (28%), field­mint leaf (10%), Matcha pow­der (Jejo do Garucha) (2%). Green tea, spearmint: trad­ed in com­pli­ance with Fair­trade Stan­dards, total 88%.


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