Elegant English Breakfast


Elegant English Breakfast tea is a morning chorus of wild Vietnamese organic whole leaves

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Product Description

Not just Eng­lish break­fast tea.

Break­fast deserves to be slow and the tea, unhur­ried. So give these fair­ly-trad­ed, hand-picked whole Nam Lanh leaves time to breath in your cup and they’ll thank you for it. A splash of heat and their vital­i­ty becomes yours. Eng­lish break­fast tea, this is how it should be done.

Here’s to tak­ing your time.

All Puk­ka teas con­tain the high­est qual­i­ty organ­ic herbs. It’s one of the rea­sons our teas taste so incred­i­ble — for more infor­ma­tion just fol­low the links to the arti­cles you’ll see on this page or read this arti­cle here about the qual­i­ty of herbs we use.

Good news for a break­fast lift, after­noon tea or an evening pick-me-up.


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100% organ­i­cal­ly grown and eth­i­cal­ly sourced ingre­di­ents: Nam Lanh black tea.