Blackcurrant Beauty


Blackcurrant Beauty tea is an organic blend of deliciously deep purple organic fruits to help you glow inside & out

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Product Description

Wel­come to a deep vel­vet robe of organ­ic black­cur­rant delight. Juicy black­cur­rants swirl with sweet­ly dark beet­root. Then the nat­ur­al pow­er of hibis­cus flow­ers and rose­hips breathe life from the inside out while the mel­low fruiti­ness of orange peel pro­tects. Deli­cious­ness knows no deep­er colour.


Nat­u­ral­ly caf­feine-free and eth­i­cal­ly sourced ingre­di­ents: Rose­hip*, hibis­cus flower*, licorice root*, fen­nel seed*, orange peel*, beet­root*, black­cur­rant fruit* (4%), nat­ur­al black­cur­rant flavour (4%), orange essen­tial oil flavour*. (*organ­ic ingre­di­ents (99.9%)). 36% Fair­Wild-cer­ti­fied ingre­di­ents (rose­hip, licorice) by dried weight.


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