Privacy Policy

Organ­ic Trad­er is com­mit­ted to pro­tect­ing the pri­va­cy of their Cus­tomers’ Per­son­al Data. This state­ment con­firms its poli­cies regard­ing the col­lec­tion, use and trans­fer of Customer’s Per­son­al Data, includ­ing  its right of access to it and pro­tec­tion of it.

1. Definitions and interpretation

Cus­tomer Per­son­al Data” — All data sup­plied by Cus­tomer to Organ­ic Trad­er and processed or con­veyed by Organ­ic  Trad­er on behalf of Cus­tomer (oth­er than the Organ­ic Trad­er Data) in the course of sup­ply­ing the prod­ucts which relate exclu­sive­ly to Cus­tomer and which is sub­ject to the data pro­tec­tion require­ments set out in this statement;

Data Pro­tec­tion Leg­is­la­tion” — The Pri­va­cy Act 1988 (Cth) and all oth­er applic­a­ble leg­is­la­tion on the pro­tec­tion of indi­vid­u­als with regard to the pro­cess­ing of per­son­al data and on the free move­ment of such data, and equiv­a­lent leg­is­la­tion in such oth­er ter­ri­to­ries in which the Cus­tomer oper­ates or trades;

Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty Rights” — Means and includes: (a) rights in, and in rela­tion to, any patents, reg­is­tered designs, design rights, trade marks, trade and busi­ness names (includ­ing all good­will asso­ci­at­ed with any trade marks or trade and busi­ness names), copy­right, moral rights, data­bas­es, domain names, topog­ra­phy rights and util­i­ty mod­els, and includ­ing the ben­e­fit of all reg­is­tra­tions of, appli­ca­tions to reg­is­ter each for their full term (includ­ing any exten­sions or renewals there­of) and wher­ev­er in the world enforce­able; (b) trade secrets, con­fi­den­tial­i­ty and oth­er pro­pri­etary rights includ­ing rights to know how; and © all oth­er intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty rights and forms of pro­tec­tion of a sim­i­lar nature or hav­ing equiv­a­lent or sim­i­lar effect and pro­tec­tion and which may sub­sist any­where in the world;

Per­son­al Data” — Per­son­al data as defined in the Data Pro­tec­tion Legislation;

  1. Collecting Personal Data

Organ­ic Trad­er only col­lects Per­son­al Data that is nec­es­sary for it to run its busi­ness. Organ­ic Trad­er usu­al­ly col­lects the name, address, ACN, ABN, oth­er con­tact infor­ma­tion, and infor­ma­tion about the Customer’s deal­ings with Organ­ic Trad­er.  If Cus­tomer does not wish to dis­close its Per­son­al Data, then Organ­ic Trad­er will be unable to pro­vide Cus­tomer with the prod­ucts since infor­ma­tion such as the Customer’s iden­ti­ty and con­tact and deliv­ery details are nec­es­sary in order to sup­ply the prod­ucts that the Cus­tomer requires.

  1. Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

Organ­ic Trad­er uses Customer’s Per­son­al Data for the pur­pose of

  • Sup­ply­ing the prod­ucts to it;
  • Pro­vid­ing Cus­tomer  with infor­ma­tion about new prod­ucts  that may be of inter­est to the Cus­tomer in the future;
  • Man­ag­ing its rela­tion­ship with Customer;
  • Facil­i­tat­ing its inter­net busi­ness operations.

Organ­ic Trad­er may dis­close Per­son­al Data for the pur­pose for which it was col­lect­ed and also to any per­son where nec­es­sary or desir­able in con­nec­tion with its pro­vi­sion to Cus­tomer of the prod­ucts Cus­tomer is  buy­ing – for exam­ple a con­trac­tor of Organ­ic  Trad­er used in the sup­ply of the prod­ucts to Cus­tomer. All Per­son­al Data will be treat­ed in the strictest con­fi­dence and will not be passed onto any third par­ties with­out Customer’s pri­or con­sent (except as required by law).

  1. Data Protection 

4.1 Organ­ic Trad­er acknowl­edges that Cus­tomer Data is the prop­er­ty of Cus­tomer and Cus­tomer reserves all Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty Rights that may sub­sist in Cus­tomer Data.

4.2 Organ­ic Trad­er will only store, copy or use Cus­tomer Data to the extent set out in clause 3 above. Organ­ic Trad­er shall not mod­i­fy, adapt, change, alter, delete or oth­er­wise deal with Cus­tomer Data, save as pro­vid­ed for herein.

  1. Keeping Information Accurate, Complete and Up to Date

While keep­ing in mind why the infor­ma­tion is being col­lect­ed, Organ­ic Trad­er takes rea­son­able steps to make sure the Per­son­al Data is accu­rate, com­plete and up-to-date at the time of col­lec­tion and when used or dis­closed. If Customer’s Per­son­al Data changes, please con­tact Organ­ic Trad­er and Organ­ic Trad­er will update and cor­rect the infor­ma­tion held by Organ­ic Trad­er. Organ­ic Trad­er may also con­tact Cus­tomer from time to time to check that the infor­ma­tion Cus­tomer has pro­vid­ed is still correct.

  1. Access to Personal Data

Cus­tomer is enti­tled to view any Per­son­al Data Organ­ic Trad­er has about it, pro­vid­ing access would not have an unrea­son­able impact upon the pri­va­cy of oth­er indi­vid­u­als or cor­po­ra­tions. Before access to Per­son­al Data is grant­ed to an indi­vid­ual, their iden­ti­ty needs to be estab­lished. The indi­vid­ual is required to request the infor­ma­tion in per­son, or to pro­vide per­son­al details that can be used to iden­ti­fy them.

  1. Information Security

Organ­ic Trad­er takes every step to ensure it pro­tects the Per­son­al Data that it col­lects. Per­son­al Data will be man­aged con­fi­den­tial­ly and secure­ly and destroyed appro­pri­ate­ly when no longer required. Organ­ic Trad­er will mon­i­tor and imple­ment appro­pri­ate tech­ni­cal advances or man­age­ment process­es, to safe­guard all per­son­al and sen­si­tive infor­ma­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, no data trans­mis­sion over the Inter­net can be guar­an­teed to be 100% secure. While Organ­ic Trad­er strives to pro­tect Customer’s Per­son­al Data from mis­use, loss and unau­tho­rised access, Organ­ic Trad­er can­not guar­an­tee the secu­ri­ty of any Per­son­al Data. Please be advised that Organ­ic Trad­er does not accept any respon­si­bil­i­ty for any mis­use, loss or unau­tho­rised access to such information.