Lemon and Mandarin with Lemon Verbena


Lemon & Mandarin Tea with Lemon Verbena, an organic citrus sensation to cheer your senses

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It’s not about whether the cup is half emp­ty or half full; it’s about what’s in the cup.

We fill ours with Sicil­ian lemons and man­darins, burst­ing with the joy of lemon ver­be­na and over­flow­ing with zesty cit­rus sparkle. Opti­mism – it’s in your hands, right now. Hap­py days.

All our fruit teas con­tain pure organ­ic slow-dried fruits to cap­ture their intense deli­cious­ness for a deep­er, more colour­ful taste.

Good news for greet­ing the world with renewed cheer.


Nat­u­ral­ly caf­feine-free and eth­i­cal­ly sourced, organ­i­cal­ly grown ingre­di­ents: Licorice root, sweet fen­nel seed, orange peel, rose­hip, hibis­cus flower, lemon balm leaf, lemon­grass, lemon ver­be­na leaf (8%), lemon myr­tle leaf, lemon whole (4%), man­darin essen­tial oil flavour* (4%), lemon essen­tial oil flavour* (4%). (*con­tains non organ­ic lecithin).


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